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Get ready…Easter fun is on its way!

27 Feb

With Easter only being a few weeks away, it is time to get planning!

Today I will be starting some Easter crafts with the Mini men and also a bit of baking. This year I want to do more handmade Easter Bunny treats than store bought ones, so I will need to do some secret baking, lucky I get one day a week where the Mini men go to daycare and I don’t have to work!

I can’t wait to show you what we make…stay tuned!

Pop art with paint chips

25 Feb

When I first saw paint chip art my initial thought was “how tacky” but then I found She has some really great graphic pictures made with paint chips, so that inspired my latest project, that and the fact that it cost me nothing. I really like thrifty craft, the cost involved in making things often has put me off in the past.

My mini men have a playroom, which I am slowly decorating for them, my goal today was to make some cute and inexpensive art for the wall.

We took a trip to our local Bunnings to get some paint chips in the colour pallette I am using for the room (blue, yellow and white), while there I also picked up a can of white enamel spray paint, then from home I found some old unused frames.


The first thing I did was to spray paint my frames so that they would be dry by the time I had finished my art.


I then cut out the shapes I would be using, I chose to use circles, triangles and squares to create some graphic, pop art style pictures. I used scissors to cut the shapes, but if you had paper punches in a variety of shapes and sizes that would be much easier.


Using craft glue I glued my shapes onto some paper, trying to arrange them in some interesting and eye catching patterns.


When I placed my pictures in the frames I was  bit disappointed that the edge of the frame obscured the edge of the pictures but over all I am happy with the final result. They are bright and cheery, the perfect addition to the mini men’s playroom.


I haven’t hung them up yet, as soon as I do I will post a picture.

Pinterest obsession

23 Feb

So, I’m sure you’re all familiar with Pinterest.

I have been on Pinterest for a while now, but have only used it as a way to catalogue the items I find on the internet which I want for the house. It has only been the last week or so that I have discovered the awesomeness of Pinterest. There are some seriously talented people out there!  I have found so many great craft, sewing and baking ideas on there…and the clothes, don’t get me started on that!

The one thing that surprises me is the reliance of Americans on packaged food, so many of their recipes use cake mix and other prepackaged convenience foods (what are crescent rolls?). I love cooking and baking and the thought of trying to pass off a packet cake as home baked goods is crazy to me. Anyway, I digress.

So, the discovery of this treasure trove is partly what inspired this blog.

I always wonder when I am looking at others pins how many people actually do the things they pin. I hope to be able to replicate some of the projects I have found on there, I have already made a few of the meals I have found on there (the healthy cooked from scratch type of meals). Don’t worry, I will be sharing all my attempts at Pinterest found projects.

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Fun with wax and paint

21 Feb

Today the mini men and I decided to do some art. Mr 4 has been having fun with mystery letters at daycare lately, so he wanted to continue that at home. We took the always eventful trip to the supermarket for supplies and after a sushi detour we made it home to start creating!

While the mini men had a snack and watched a cartoon I drew some words, letters and pictures on some paper with a candle, then using sponges and paintbrushes we covered the paper with water colour paints to reveal the mystery images. Mr 1 was much more interested in drinking the painty water and there was some spillage but over all the activity was a success and fun was had by all!



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