Liebster Award

15 Apr

I was blown away this morning when Fiona from Cursing and Crafting nominated me for a Liebster award, although I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

liebster 1

Turns out it is way to highlight blogs with less than 200 followers.

So this is how it works

1. Post eleven facts about myself.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set and create eleven questions for the people I’ve nominated.
3. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link to them in my post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tag backs.

So here we go 11 facts about me

1. I grew up in rural Australia half way between Lismore and a little hippie community called Nimbin

2. Despite my creative leanings I have a Degree in Biomedical Science and work as a Medical Scientist in a Pathology lab

3. I have been with my husband for just over 10 years and married for 6 years.

4. My favourite band is an oldie…The Doors

5. I learnt Italian for 6 years during high school

6. I love the beach, but don’t get there enough

7. I’m a bit of a bower bird, by that  I mean anything sparkly and or brightly coloured always catches my eye

8. I’m a cat person

9. One of my favourite things to do is go on movie “dates” with The Rooster.

10. I hate the cold

11. I play indoor soccer every Sunday

  1. What is your favorite craft?

I really enjoy paper crafts and crochet is becoming a fast favourite also

2. Why did you start crafting?

I always did art and craft growing up, but as an adult I just haven’t had time for it until now. For the last couple of years I have been feeling the need for some creative release, so I decided to start trying out different things.

3. Do you want to make your crafting into a career?

In an ideal world, yes. I guess that was my motivation for starting my blog. I have to get a lot better at what I am doing before I could make it a career though

4. What project are you most proud of?

I’m always proud of my cake decorating, if that is a craft, but ones of the things you can see on my blog that I am super proud of are my yellow and white chevron curtains

5. What’s your favorite crafting blog?

I’m fairly new to blogging so I don’t have a favourite yet but one post I really enjoyed reading was about dyeing wool from Elodie under glass

6. Favorite film?

A toss up between teen cult movies like The breakfast Club, Empire Records, 16 Candles etc and classics like Breakfast at Tiffanys or Gone with the Wind

7. What country would you most like to visit?

Borneo, to hike through the jungles and see Orangutan

8. What’s your dream job?

A successful Etsy store owner

9. Do you have any pets?

No, but we are planning on getting a cat and dog soon

10. Favorite place to craft?

Crochet- on the couch, anything with paper- dining room table, sewing-sewing room, messy stuff- outside

11. What’s your favorite crafting website?

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest, once I have chosen a project I will google it too see how different people have done it. I don’t really have any go to craft website though.

Now to Tag some people

milkshakes and pattycakes

The bubbly baker



Crochet Cricket

Look what I made

Ladyflowers by Susan

mummy of many talents

Love me sew

Pass the mixing bowl

mmmetka-dreammmy cupcakes

And these are my questions for you and anyone else who wants to play along

1. cookies or cupcakes?

2. What is your favourite rainy day activity?

3. Summer or winter?

4. What was your motivation for starting your blog

5. What has been your favourite holiday?

6. Do you have a favourite blog that you follow, if so, what is it?

7.  What’s your favourite drink?

8. What is your favourite book?

9. movies or books?

10. What are you proud of?

11. dogs or cats?

sorry if you’ve done this before ot if you have over 200 followers (just ignore this)

libster 2


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