The Pincushion that became a Pillow

2 Jun

Last month I was obsessed with crocheted pincushion (I still am, they are just so cute) and last time I went to my mum’s house I noticed that she was still using the pin cushion I made by filling an aerosol can lid with polyfill and covering it with fabric when I was maybe 8. So, I thought it was time for an upgrade.

Taking inspiration from Kristina K of Cup of colour (the image below is hers) I set out to make something similar to her her gorgeous little pincushions.

Crocheted pincushion, hexagon shape, cotton thread, bright colors, red, yellow, orange, handmade

I started by making a granny style hexagon using treble stitches. The first hexagon was a little on the large side so I changed my stitches to half trebles and to try and reduce the rippling I started doing 2 stitches instead of 3. The rippling reduced somewhat, but i wasn’t too worried as I knew it wouldn’t be noticeable once stretched around a little cushion. The size still worried me but a kept going. I made 8 hexagons altogether. As predicted it was rather much too big to be a pincushion. I was disappointed, but I kept going.Image


Joining them together was interesting. I used a double crochet on the wrong side, which was easy enough but like always, my eagerness to get stuck into a project backfired and a stitched wrong sides together and some unpicking was necessary. Finally a got it together, I left two sides unstitched so that I could squeeze the little pillow into it.Image


You can see from this picture that it is much too large to be the pincushion it so dearly wanted to be

I made the pillow from some scrap fabric I had. I cut out two hexagons that were larger than my crocheted cover, sewed them together and filled it with polyfill.

I squeezed it through the small gap in the cover, wiggled it around until it was in just the right position and then using a darning needle and yarn stitched up the opening.

So it was too large to be a pin cushion, but I thought it was a nice size for a small accent pillow. 

My Grandma lives in a nursing home and it is her birthday next week, she will be 84! I am going to give it to her, to brighten up her room. 

I’m thinking of putting tassels on the corners, but don’t know if I can be bothered.

I am still going to make a pin cushion for my mum, I have found some recycled cotton at Lincraft that I really like and would make a good pincushion. 

So here we go with round two…..



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