Topchips, chip maker- A Review

28 Jul

    I would like to start by saying this is an independent review.

I love chips, but unfortunately they don’t fit into the healthy eating style I like to follow.

I saw these chip makers “Topchips” from mastrad a while ago and have been coveting it ever since. It made the outrageous claim to produce fat-free, crispy chips in 3 minutes and in the microwave no less. If this proved to be true it would mean I could have chips without compromising healthy eating.

Purple Potato Chips Maker -TopChips Chip Maker

image courtesy of

Last week I bought the Topchips chip maker. It comes in several colours; purple, green, red and charcoal and includes two trays, a super sharp mandolin and a tool to hold the vegetables so you don’t slice yourself on the blade.

My first attempt with Topchips was a bit of a fail. I sliced my sweet potato with the mandolin and it gave perfect thin slices. It was so much easier than trying to evenly slice it with a knife like I have previously done to make chips in the oven. I put my slices on the trays and microwaved them for the recommended time of three minutes. They were not crispy but still tasted great. I was somewhat discouraged and thought I had misspent my money.

Today I gave it a second attempt.

This time I used potato. I didn’t bother peeling either the sweet potato or the potato as I like a more rustic style chip with the skin still on.

I cooked these ones for four minutes and ta-da! I got crispy chips.

I added a sprinkling of sea salt and they were delicious, even better than store-bought chips. The potato flavour was clean and present not disguised by oil, preservatives and whatever else goes into processed chips.

Clean up is easy…I just popped everything in the dishwasher, but if you don’t have a dishwasher a simple rinse with hot water would be enough as it really doesn’t create much mess.

Not only did I enjoy them, but they were a win with The Minimen also, especially Rooster, which shocked me, he is usually very anti any healthy home-made options I present him with.

If you also are trying to eat healthier but are missing treats like chips, I can’t recommend Topchips enough, not only can you have your chips eliminating all the nasties but you will save money not buying bags of chips from the shops.  You may have to vary cooking times as all microwaves are different and each vegetable will cook differently.

I am really looking forward to experimenting with other veggies like zucchini, beetroot and carrot and fruits like pear, apple and mango.


Raw potato slices


Chips straight out of the microwave


A pile of super yummy crunchy chips waiting to be eaten


One Response to “Topchips, chip maker- A Review”

  1. shlehora August 17, 2013 at 4:54 am #

    Wow! Must be nice, I gave mine away cuz all they ever did was under cook, over cook or burn! Lol!
    Glad to hear someone got it to work!:)

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