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UFO’s a.k.a (unfinished objects)

21 Oct

This week I thought it might be a good idea to finish a few things that have been sitting around for a while feeling unloved.  The first is a cushion which only needs a seam sewn but I need to change the thread on the sewing machine so it hasn’t happened.  The next is the elephants I started for the boys ages ago, they have been in pieces for such a long time so they will get some love this week.  The last thing I am working on is a face for one of the matryoshka dolls I made recently.  During the CAL these were a part of I made 2 sets and I ran out of beads for the eyes. I finally went to the bead shop last week so this little lady can finally get her face on.


What will you be working on this week? Do you have any UFO’s that you could show a bit of love to? Join me this week and c

hoose a few things to put the finishing touches on!

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Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you?

4 Oct


Rooster turned 5 a few weeks ago and we had his party this week end just gone. Originally he had planned to have this cake with fondant kiwis on top, but as the day got closer I just had no time or energy to work with fondant, also I didn’t really like his choice of cake so I talked him out of it.

We had hired a Scooby Doo jumping castle for the party, image

so I convinced him to have a Scooby cake. The one he chose even had a cake tin with accompanying instructions

Photo courtesy of Netties Vintage Box

And I discovered I could hire it, bonus! Then the only place in Brisbane that I could hire it from did not answer their phone, email and when I drove to the shop it was closed, I rang a place in Sydney and they were unable to get it to me in time, and I did not have time to find one to buy. So, with two days till the party, I decided to wing it.

I made a slab cake (it was even a packet cake! and I hate making packet cake)

I iced the cake with butter cream

I traced the picture onto grease proof paper then on the reverse side I piped the outline in black and then pressed it onto the cake.

So far, so good!

Then I filled in the ears and tongue with pink, the eyes with white, then using a small star tip I created Scooby’s fur.

For the burger I used a skewer to spread the different layers except for the lettuce layers, I used a leaf tip for a ruffle like lettuce effect.

I piped on the collar and dog tag and added a Happy Birthday.

I was pretty impressed with myself, especially since Mr Minx told me I couldn’t do it after I had a little melt down when I was trying to figure out how I would do it.

Once again I forgot to take a photo! I am so bummed, but here is a photo of the partially eaten cake.




21st cake

3 Oct


It was my brother’s 21st recently and I made his cake.

I wanted to make something quite impressive so I started with a double batch of white mud cake and added cocoa to half of the batter so I ended up with one white cake and one chocolate cake. I cut the white one into two layers and the chocolate one into 3 layers.

My brother is a big fan of cookies and cream chocolate, while he was living with me last year I think it was all he ate, so I made a cookies and cream ganache to go between the layers.

I used the condensed milk butter cream I have previously used fr a crumb coat. This butter cream is so decadent, it has become my go to icing, Mr Minx will eat it straight out of the bowl!

For the decoration I chose to use the petal technique I have seen so often on Pinterest. Here is a tutorial. The great thing about this technique is that it is super easy, although time consuming, and looks super awesome!image

All you need is an off set spatula or spoon, and Wilton tips number 12, I think I had number 10 as the shop was out of 12s. If you are using more than one colour you will need more than one tip.


Basically you just dot the icing in a line down the cake


and then spread the dots with the spatula


Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was sick while doing this and could only manage phone photos.

On the top of the cake I put one row of dots and spread them towards the centre of the cake. Then I topped it with Oreo truffles. These were so easy to make, I used a packet of Oreos and a packet of cream cheese, popped them in the food processor and wizzed them up, made little balls and then coated them in melted chocolate.


The cake was a pretty big hit, the family were impressed. The cake was pretty delicious, although very sweet, I couldn’t finish my piece. I forgot to take photos of the cake until we were at the restaurant so they are a bit dark, but you get the idea.








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