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New blanket for a boy in the making.

8 Jan

After the success of the last blanket, I immediately got to work on a blanket for my cousin.  She is expecting a boy in a few months.
For Christmas my mother in law gave me this book by Edie Eckman.

It is full of unique motifs.  I am so in love with it.
I have decided on a simple square with a bobble feature.  Here is the first complete square.

When I went to Lincraft I was looking for a light coloured grey to go with the light blue, dark blue and white that I already had.  However,  it is summer so the only grey available was this dark one, which I have fallen utterly in love with.  It is 8 ply 100% wool. I thought it felt rough when I bought it but it is the complete opposite.  The square I made is so soft and squishy.  It will be so warm for the baby to snuggle under.  The other yarns from my stash are acrylic.
The squares measure about 11cm across,  so I’m going to use 36 squares and do a big boarder.
Our cable had been out for the last 2 nights so I have put tje time to use by hooking up all the centers.

This is a few with their second round completed.

I think baby blankets might be my mew thing. I am already planning more for the future and I am only two days into this one!

Bobbly citrus baby blanket

7 Jan

I finally finished the blanket I have been making for my husband’s cousin’s soon to be born baby.DSC_1173

New babies are so exciting. I love their squishy little miniature bodies.

I also love baby blankets. They are such an excuse to use bright, fun colours and patterns, although let’s be honest, do you really need an excuse to work with bright fun colors and patterns. I think that’s one of the best things about crochet, it lends itself so well to colour explosion.

When Choosing the colours for this blanket I had to go with gender neutral colours as these parents are the type that like to keep the sex of their babies secret. Also, since it is Summer here there isn’t a vast array of yarn available.


Any way, I went with some spritely citrus tones (yellow, lime, orange and cream) and used 4 ply 100% merino. I hadn’t used merino before, it was lovely. I thought it was similar to cotton in that there was no fuzz on the yarn it was really smooth and soft.

The pattern I used comes from a motif book my mum passed onto me, it is called the pink square, I have made it before in all one colour. It is a large square, about 22 cm. It looked really different done in multiple colours. I think it looks like a big daisy.DSC_1174

I made 12 squares in total. I joined them together  using a slip stitch.


I wanted the border to resemble the squares in the type of stitches used. The first round was a simple little cream cluster of 3 double trebles in the spaces between the last round of the squares, each cluster separated by a single chain.


 Following this I did a round of orange  doubles, 2 in each one chain space and a round of double trebles into each stitch. Both the cream and orange rounds had to be undone and redone with less stitches, as they rippled really badly.


Next I did 3 rounds of double in yellow.


I had found this super cute pom pom edging on Pinterest ages ago from Once upon a Pink Moon, and had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. This blanket was that opportunity, so I finished it off with the pom pom edge in lime.


I did a little happy dance and jumped up and down when I hooked that last stitch.

This is probably the biggest project I have finished. I am pretty chuffed with myself.


The blanket is beautiful and soft, just right for a little squishy baby to snuggle under.












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