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Pineapple Neck warmer

11 Apr


I whipped up this super cute pineapple neck warmer the other day in anticipation of colder weather.

I used this pattern.

It was so easy I might just make more of them.


I used a gorgeous little pastel multicoloured wool, which has worked up beautifully.

DSC_1408 (2)

I only made 4 pineapples as that came to the size I was after.

I’m looking forward to wearing it, someone just needs to tell the weather we are almost half way through Autumn, it’s time to start cooling down.





I have been knitting…..yes, really.

9 Apr

So I ended up going to a few learn to knit classes, and I must say I don’t know how people find this relaxing, enjoyable, addictive. For me it is just awkward, stressful and the whole time I am doing it I am thinking how I just can’t wait to get back to my current crochet WIP.

Any way I wanted to share the few things I have made.


This is my sampler piece that I made during the first lesson. There is garter, stocking, rib and moss stitched in this rather messy little number.


This is the start of a diagonal scarf, so boring so I gave up on this one.


This is the gorgeous piece of herringbone stitch I created for the vest I am making (the whole reason I learnt to knit)


And last of all this is hoping to become a scarf one day.

During my last class I bought a ball of Noro yarn and started on this, it uses a twisted drop stitch. I like this stitch, it reminds me of crochet, however it is quite a loose stitch so it has been pretty easy to drop stitches. This aside I am enjoying watching the colours of the Noro emerge and it makes me excited to knit with this .

I can’t see knitting becoming a passion of mine, but it has been a good skill to learn.

Granny’s Jam Drops

7 Apr

One of my favourite childhood memories is eating home made jam drops. I would carefully nibble the biscuit around the jam centre and once there was no more biscuit to hold I would pop the little jam filled well in my mouth.

jam drops

My Rooster also loves jam drops, however until today he had only had the supermarket variety. This is something that needed to change.

The recipe I have is the same recipe my great grandmother (aka Granny) used to make, I think I just remember eating hers, I definitely remember eating Nanny’s and my Mum’s though.

To make them you need

120g butter

3/4 cup of sugar

2 eggs

2 cups of plain flour

2 tsp of baking powder

a splash of milk if needed for consistency

your favourite jam


Start by creaming the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add the eggs and beat well,


gradually add flour and baking powder, if necessary add a splash of milk for a smooth consistency, I didn’t need to do this, so you most likely won’t either.


Roll teaspoon fulls of the dough into balls and place on a lined tray.


Now you need to make little wells for the jam to sit in.  I found using my knuckle gave the best results, a nice round deep well to hold all that lovely jam.


Spoon in your favourite jam, we used strawberry.


Now bake for about 15 minutes at 160ºC

My mini men couldn’t wait to get into these, they hadn’t even cooled before they were munching away on them.


Rooster declared they were the best jam drops ever, so much better than the supermarket ones, which made me feel happy as he often is not fussed on the home made versions of his favourite bakery/supermarket treats.

I already have a request for a second batch for his soccer carnival next month.

They were just as perfect as I remembered them too.

Why did she make things?

6 Apr

I came across this little picture on Facebook recently and it really spoke to me.

This is exactly how I feel about my life.

I love the things I do but it also gives me a sense of nostalgia and makes me think about the women in my family that came before me.

Especially my Nanny. 

Photo: 󾬖󾬓❤️󾬕


Winter Hooking

19 Feb

A few weeks ago it started to get cooler at night and there was need of a blanket for comfortable sleep and I started thinking about hooking up some lovely winter woolies.

Last year I made a scarf and beanie for Rooster, this year Duckie has requested his own scarf and beanie. At the moment he thinks he is a Ninja Turtle so he will probably get something along the lines of this…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crochet Beanie

Image courtesy of Kimerin13 Etsy store

Last year I started a chevron blanket for Rooster which never got finished, so I will finish that for him.

My winter woolies list includes a pineapple scarf

Pineapple Crochet Scarf

I am completely in love with this, I have bought a lovely little pastel variegated wool  for it and can’t wait to get hooking it,

I also want a beanie like this….


The pattern for this sweet little bonnet style beanie is from the gorgeous Crochetlatte it is a toddlers size but should be easy enough to figure our how to enlarge it for me, I am also tossing up about the one sleeved hybrid cowl/vest that is being made popular by The Hunger Games. I have found an amazing version of the Katniss vest on Etsy

PATTERN for Chunky Knit Crochet Asymmetrical Cowl Vest Shawl Scarf One Armed // Huntress Vest PATTERN

I am crushing on this hard, my only problem is the pattern has some knitted heringbone stitch, I have never knitted in my life but am tempted to try it out just so I can wear this fabulous vest.

Even the husband who always complains about my knitting has requested a beanie.

maybe to get him back for all the complaints I should make him something like this…

Are you thinking about your winter hooking yet? or is it coming into spring/summer where you live?

Come and share your makes at my Facebook page.

Hexie Heaven – My top picks

17 Feb

I recently started on the last of my baby blankets. This one is for a friend who is about to have her third little girl. I wanted something simple, a little lacey and definitely a hexagon. This is a round-up of my favourites, they all are delightful and all have free patterns.

1. This is such a gorgeous variation on the African flower motif that is so popular. This one comes from the lovely Crochetbug.


hexagon granny square

 2. This little lacey number comes from a Dutch blogger  Catherine from Blij met Draadjes . The instructions are in Dutch, obviously and Google’s attempt at translation is not completely awful so you may just be able to figure it out.

3. I heave recently had a little Pinterest potholder obsession and this climbing trellis from Ali Pyper is just so sweet and could just as easily be used for other larger projects  like blankets by leaving off the darling little scalloped edge.

4. This cute little daisy makes me think og Spring! It  comes from Daniela’s Needle art and she offers a few different variations on it too.

5. This was the inspiration for the hexie blanket I have just started on. This one comes from Scrap yarn Crochet. for mine I have changed the centre of my hexies just a bit to create a flower centre.

Are you in love with hexies now as much as I am? Have you made any hexie projects lately? Come share them on my Facebook page I would love to see them!

On the border – a round up of my favourite crochet borders

13 Feb

With 3 babies due to 3 lovely ladies in my life this April my life has revolved around baby blankets the last few months. I have finished my second blanket this week (post to follow once I can get some photos) and have started on the final blanket, pink hexies for a little bundle of pink. My fingers are stiff and my eyes sore from the amount of googling I have done to find the perfect inspiration for these blankets. I have come across some amazing patterns and ideas and I would like to share some of my faves with you.


1. Pom Pom edging from Once upon a Pink Moon this is by far my favourite border for a baby blanket. It is tactile, fun and whimsical. I used this in my citrus bobble blanket and I can definitely see myself using it over and over again.

2. Catherderal edge from Halfknits charity knitting. This is such a beautiful border. The simple addition of the picot turns a regular scallop style edge into something really special.


3. Link stitch with tassles from Poppalina. This edge is just amazing. here it was used on a baby blanket, but I think it would be just fabolous on a floor rug with those huge tassles.

Crocheted Bobble Stitch Border

4. I seem to be drawn to bobbles, that must be why I find this cherry berry bobble border by Hooked on Needles just so adorable

5. Rounding out my top 5 is this simple yet totally devine little border from Hooks and Yarns I think this is works so well with the granny to jazz her up a bit.

I hope you have enjoyed these gorgeous borders as much as I have and I hope they provide you with some inspiration for your next project.

P.S They all have free patterns!

Balloon Print Monsters

7 Feb

I’ve recently noticed that my darling Duckman is quite artistically inclined, which is something I wasn’t prepared for. Rooster, although he does enjoy art when he does it, he rarely seeks it out. Duckie on the other hand draws on everything, I am trying to teach him, with out much luck, that we only draw on paper, however he is rather free spirited and draws wherever and on what ever takes his fancy. Yesterday I discovered a master piece on our newly laid timber floor, thankfully it was done in pencil and will be easily removed.

balloon print

So with this new realisation, my February goal of more kid art and some one on one time with Duckie now Rooster is at school we embarked on balloon printing.

This is so simply and such fun.

All you need is



a small cup or bowl to hold the paint

goggle eyes (optional)



First of all you need to blow up the balloon, not too big as it needs to be easily handled by little hands and it also needs to fit into the bowl of paint.


Add some paint to your bowl.


Dip the balloon into the paint and press it onto some paper.


It does slip around so you need to be firm.



We placed the eyes on while the paint was wet so that they stuck once the paint was dry.


 You don’t need to use eyes, you could just draw them on.

Once the paint is dry use the markers to add personality.


Easy peasy isn’t it?


I am totally in love with the tie-dyed effect of this printing, and the texture of it. I think it would make some pretty rad wrapping paper.


Little Duckie had a great time. Watching his creativity is super awesome. He turned his prints into a mixed media collage with the addition of some washi tape.

DSC_1267 DSC_1271



Goals for February

3 Feb

Life has been crazy around here of late. The renovations on the house are getting me down, although there is light at the end of the tunnel I just am over living in a construction zone. We have two bedrooms emptied into our lounge and dining rooms and I am overwhelmed by the cleaning and sorting job that lies ahead of me. If you have ever seen the TV show Hoarders, that is how I feel the house looks. Anyway good news is my walk in wardrobe has been installed, so now my clothes have a lovely new home rather than being stored in various locations.

Other big news is my little Rooster started Prep last week.



We have also signed him up to play football/soccer this season and his club are expecting him to attend 2 training sessions, 1 development session and game day each week! He is only in under 6’s! 

I have been spending my evenings crocheting baby blankets for all the people I know who are having babies in April, I have already shared with you the Citrus Bobble Blanket and the beginning of a blanket for my cousin. This one should be finished this week and I can get started on the last one. 

I don’t think I have slept much since about September last year, I have even started drinking coffee.

So it is already February and in attempt to be more organised and achieve more without loosing any more sleep I have been inspired by the gorgeous blogger Chiaki from Chiaki Creates to make a Goals list for February…here goes.

  1. Do more cardio
  2. Craft with the kids once a week
  3. Write 4 blog posts
  4. Sew something 

I’m keeping it simple to start with, lets see how I go.

Do you have goals for February? 


New blanket for a boy in the making.

8 Jan

After the success of the last blanket, I immediately got to work on a blanket for my cousin.  She is expecting a boy in a few months.
For Christmas my mother in law gave me this book by Edie Eckman.

It is full of unique motifs.  I am so in love with it.
I have decided on a simple square with a bobble feature.  Here is the first complete square.

When I went to Lincraft I was looking for a light coloured grey to go with the light blue, dark blue and white that I already had.  However,  it is summer so the only grey available was this dark one, which I have fallen utterly in love with.  It is 8 ply 100% wool. I thought it felt rough when I bought it but it is the complete opposite.  The square I made is so soft and squishy.  It will be so warm for the baby to snuggle under.  The other yarns from my stash are acrylic.
The squares measure about 11cm across,  so I’m going to use 36 squares and do a big boarder.
Our cable had been out for the last 2 nights so I have put tje time to use by hooking up all the centers.

This is a few with their second round completed.

I think baby blankets might be my mew thing. I am already planning more for the future and I am only two days into this one!


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