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Pineapple Neck warmer

11 Apr


I whipped up this super cute pineapple neck warmer the other day in anticipation of colder weather.

I used this pattern.

It was so easy I might just make more of them.


I used a gorgeous little pastel multicoloured wool, which has worked up beautifully.

DSC_1408 (2)

I only made 4 pineapples as that came to the size I was after.

I’m looking forward to wearing it, someone just needs to tell the weather we are almost half way through Autumn, it’s time to start cooling down.





Something New from Something Old

26 Jun

As you know, I returned from my last trip to my Mum’s laden with all sorts of crafty treasures. One of the things I brought back were a pile of crocheted doilies. Most of these were made by my Great Grandmother and since she died when I was only five these doilies are at least as old if not older than I am.

Now, I have little use for doilies. I am a minimalist. I don’t have vases of flowers or other nick knacks that I need to protect my tables from but I do want to keep these things that have been passed onto me.

I decided to sew several doilies together to create a table runner.

Out of the sea of doilies I chose ones that feature the pineapple motif.DSC_0683DSC_0684DSC_0686

There were a couple that needed their ends woven in. This was daunting, I was so worried about ruining the perfect tiny little stitches, but it went well.DSC_0691 After doing that I gave them a quick hand wash and blocked them so that they would sit nice and flat. They came out so beautifully after being blocked, they sit perfectly flat and they are nicely crisp, I had a little “ooohhhhh” moment after I unpinned them. Blocking is so satisfying.DSC_0695

Then came the arranging. I played around for a while trying to figure out the best combination and shape. I did this on the table that they would eventually adorn so that I got the right shape for the table. It wasn’t quite working out initially, but then as luck would have it I found another doily in the bottom of the bag and I got the design to work.

To stitch them together I used cotton of a similar colour and just put a few stitches where each doily touched. I had to carefully make sure that the doilies would still sit flat once stitched together so this was time-consuming making sure each stitch was going in the right place.

Once I put the last stitch in I stood back and fell in love! It turned out so much better than I expected an adds a lovely old world feel to my dining table.DSC_0755

It is really wonderful to be able to preserve and show off the work my Great Grandmother did rather than have these doilies being stored away unloved. I am so happy to be able to give them a new life.DSC_0757

Now that I have a beautiful table runner to show off I just have to teach my family that the dining table is not a dumping ground for all their crap!


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