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Blast off to fun!

22 Apr




 Last week, with some inspiration from Roylco, The Minimen and I thought rockets would be a fun thing to make.

It was super easy and so much fun. Here is how we did it.


We used toilet rolls, foil, coloured paper and sticky tape.


We fit one toilet roll into the other to make a long rocket body.


Covered them in foil.


Cut a circle from paper, cut into the centre of it to fold it around into a cone shape.


We cut some flames and other shapes for doors and windows and stuck them all on our rockets.


Ta-Da….A rocket.

The Minimen ran around the house playing rockets for quite a while.

I tried to get a photo of them playing but this blurry action shot was the best I could do.

This was a great project, and it ticked all the boxes for me on kids activities, cheap, quick, easy and engaging for multiple age groups, and it gave me a few peaceful moments to do a bit of crochet while they ran around with their rockets.





Giving a rocky relationship another chance

8 Apr

I chose two different rainbow yarns and a bright yellow

My Mum, Grandma, Great Grandma and probably countless other women in my family have all been lovers of crochet.

They have superior skills that make them great crochet lovers and they all had long lasting, successful partnerships with it.

A doily by my Grandma

A doily by my Great Grandma

A doily by my Great Grandma

My on again off again relationship with crochet can only be described as rocky at best. I started early learning how to make a never ending chain and my skills really haven’t progressed much past this, I can still chain like a pro and it is my preferred move, but being able to chain well does not make for a great relationship.

I have tried many times to move things along and improve but I lack the patience, I forget how many stitches I have done, I can’t differentiate stitches. But, like any other unfinished relationship I have to keep going back for more.

I found this cowl scarf on Pinterest recently and thought it looked easy enough and it might just be the kickstart to rescuing our relationship.


You can find the pattern and instructions here

I used a smaller hook (12mm) than the pattern states and only 3 different yarns instead of 4.  And beacuase I was using a smaller hook I needed to use more chains in my initial row.

The pattern only consists of single crochets and chains and apparently should only take 1 1/2 hours to make. I am a slow and clumsy crocheter at best so it took me a day to make.

It was very easy and I actually really enjoyed making it and even though I think I still managed to miss a few stitches and put stitches in the wrong place it turned out well.


A length of chain

All may not be lost between crochet and Me, a flame has been reignited and if we take things slowly and not get in over our heads to soon, we may be able to develop the strong lifelong bond the other women in my family were able to make. 


First row of single crochet




From a different angle

As a headband

As a headband

As a cowl
As a cowl

As a Beanie
As a Beanie


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