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Paleo macadamia Salted caramel

24 Dec





One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is sitting on the concrete out the front of my grandma’s house with a hammer and a bag of macadamias, balancing the nuts precariously on the cracks in the concrete then hitting them with the hammer. Trying to put just the right amount of pressure to crack the shell without smashing the nut is an art form.


Macadamias are such a summer treat here in Australia so when I found this recipe I knew I just had to make it and amidst all the naughty Christmas treats that are laden with gluten and refined sugar it is something a little more Paleo friendly.

I came across this recipe via Pinterest (where else?) .

It comes from Kitsa’s Kitchen and she called it Macadamia Christmas Crunch.





This recipe is so simple it’s silly.

1 cup of raw honey

250g butter or ghee

1 cup macadamias


Place the honey and butter in a saucepan together and boil. According to the recipe it should reach toffee stage, however I found the honey just did not heat the same way sugar does and mine never made it to that stage. If yours does great, if not don’t worry.

Now add macadamias, I used plain macadamias, I think they might have been ever so slightly roasted as they didn’t have the waxiness fresh out of the shell nuts have. Also add some sea salt, a teaspoon or two, whatever your taste is.

Pour it into a lined tray. I added more nuts to mine as I didn’t think there was enough and I sprinkled some more salt on top

Then pop it in the fridge until set.

DSC_1133Mine was more like caramel than toffee and melted easily out of the fridge. They were completely unsuitable for taking to work to share with my workmates as they melted and stuck to the plate during the drive and then needed to be pried off the plate with a knife.

They are much better suited to a little soirée at home where they can be served directly from the fridge.

Now let me tell you about how they taste.

Pure, buttery, melt in your mouth bliss, with a kick of salt and the delightful creaminess of the nuts. I dare you to try and stop at one, I couldn’t.

These could possibly be the best caramels I have ever tasted, honey makes a far superior caramel to sugar. I am disappointed though that I could not get it to boil hotter so that it was more of a cruchier texture more like peanut brittle, that would have been perfection.


Lets start things off with a name change….

12 Apr

Mr 4 has recently informed me that when he grows up he would like to be a Rooster, not a Doctor or Fireman or Carpenter but a Rooster so that he can wake everyone up.

Mr 1 has over his short life developed a duck obsession.

So, as they will grow out of Mr 4 and Mr 1, from here on they will be know as The Rooster and Duckman respectively. Collectively they will still be The Minimen.

Now to get on to today’s blog, which is brought to you by tears, broken eggs, bleeding lips and some bad weather.

Today the weather has been inclement so we opted for an indoor activity.

Salt dough Dinosaurs


When I suggested this idea to The Rooster yesterday he was excited and couldn’t wait to get started. This morning he woke up and immediately asked if we could make the dough. So after a trip to the supermarket to get supplies, which also included the mother of all meltdowns from Duckman complete with broken eggs, bewildered looks from other shoppers and a lot of deep breathing from me, we came home and were about to get started when he then stacked it in the kitchen cutting his lip. After stemming the substantial blood flow and drying the tears we then were able to make our dough.

The Rooster did most of the work, pouring ingredients, mixing, rolling and cutting shapes.

Duckman just enjoyed being a part of something, poking the dough and playing with the cookie cutters.

As well as the dinosaurs we made a few stars and with the remainder of the dough I made some name plaques for them.

The shapes I only needed to bake for about 1 1/2 hours and the plaques closer to 2 1/2 hours

Now they only need to be painted, but that will be an activity for another day, I am tired and Duckman has finally fallen asleep, so I am going to relax for a while with a hot cup of tea.

This is the recipe we used

1 1/2 cups of plain flour

1/2 cup table salt

1tbp oil

2/3 cup chilled water


Mix salt and flour in a bowl

add oil

gradually add water while mixing until dough forms


turn onto floured surface and knead


roll out


and cut shapes



Bake in oven at 120 degrees Celsius until they are hard

Salty rainbow snakes

16 Mar

Image  The Minimen and I had seen these salty snake paintings on TV the other day and thought we would give them a go.

  • Image

All you need is

  • paper, black works best
  • salt
  • glue sticks
  • water colour paints

To make them smear the glue on the page in any design you like, we did snakes since they are easy for younger children.


Sprinkle the salt over the paper and press it down with your hand to make sure it sticks well. Tip off the excess.



Using the water colour paint add colour to the salt. We started using a brushing action and found the salt was coming off the paper, so we switched to dabbing, which was better, but what worked best was to make the paints really watery and getting quite a bit on the brush and just holding the brush onto the salt. The salt soaked up the paint and stayed fixed to the paper.


This activity was really great, both Mr 1 and Mr 4  were able to do it, so it would suit most age levels. It helps with fine motor skills, colour appreciation and sensory experiences, but most of all it was just fun!


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