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Colour Inspiration; Tangerine and Jade

11 May

I love, love, love colour!

Most of my clothes are in violent hues of yellow, blue, purple, pink with splashes of white.

Like a bower bird, I am drawn to bright and shiny things.

This week I have not been able to get the colour combination of  Tangerine and Jade out of my head.

I love the contrast of these colours, the vibrant, look at me of the tangerine and the exotic glamour of jade.

Last week I posted about the Polka dot crochet motif. When I eventually get around to making a blanket from this motif I want to use a tangerine and jade palette and compliment these vibrant colours with lighter versions of themselves, maybe a beautiful apricot and a minty green


Teaming these colours with a crisp white would make the colourful polka dots pop but I am also toying with the idea of using a very pale grey as my background colour, for a more elegant feel.

Now, let the great tangerine and jade yarn hunt begin!


Circles, squares and genes.

4 May

It seems that all those seemingly fruitless years of my Mum trying to teach me crochet has not been in vain.

It appears that all that knowledge has just been storing itself away waiting for my crochet gene to be turned on.

Since picking up a hook several weeks ago my skills and confidence in crochet has soared. Today I did something that I never thought would be possible such a short time ago….I created something  without a pattern!

I saw this blanket on Pinterest recently but was disappointed to find no tutorial when I clicked on the link.

crochet blanket squares 227x300 crochet blanket squares

Like I always do in moments of  confusion, I turned to Google to find the answer. I searched for circle in square motifs but Google had nothing like this.

I had all but given up on being able to make this, until yesterday.

Yesterday,  I successfully completed a solid concentric square pattern,which I found here,


and over the past few weeks I have mastered crocheting in the round, see here. So  I thought that maybe I could combine the two of these to make my own motif . . And that is exactly what I did, here it is…


I really like what I came up with, but on closer examination of the original Pinterest inspiration,  I could see how mine differed, so I went back and tried it again, here is my second attempt…


I think this one is just about perfect, and it turned out to be really easy to make.

I am feeling pretty proud of myself, I have been carrying my square around all afternoon, I just can’t stop looking at it.

I feel there is no stopping me now my crochet gene has been switched on. I can’t wait to choose some delicious yarn to make my spotty blanket a reality.

A string of Bunnies….making a cute Easter garland.

21 Mar


Today I had planned this fun activity for the Minimen and myself, however, Mr 1 fell asleep and Mr 4 was in a mood, and although Mr 1 did wake up in time to stomp on some bunnies and Mr 4’s curiosity got the better of him, and he did glue some bunny tails on, I did most of the work myself.


1. Gather your materials

  • coloured paper or cardboard
  • paint
  • scissors
  • pom poms
  • string
  • hole punch

2. Cut out a simple bunny shape


3. Paint a pattern on your bunnies. I used a skewer to make small spots and stripes and the end of a fat pencil to make large spots.


4. Glue the pom poms on.

5. Using the hole punch, punch out a hole from each ear.

6. Thread your string through the holes.


7. String them up somewhere in your home

8. Enjoy them!


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