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Ambitiousness pays off!

31 Mar


So, the time came to crack open the eggs.
The shell came off easily.
They looked perfect.
I cut them open and…..


They were better than I could ever have imagined!
They turned out exactly as I had envisioned…
And were they delicious?

You bet your sweet cotton tail they were.
I was going to advise not to do this, thinking the fiddlyness and mess was not worth it, but after opening them and being utterly delighted, I say give it a go!

If you want to see how I made these chocolate and ganache filled eggs see here, here and here.

An ambitious Easter Bunny, part 2

31 Mar


I finally finished filling the dyed eggs on Easter eve. Earlier this week I put some white chocolate ganache into the eggs.

To do this I used 250g white chocolate and 125ml of thickened cream


I melted it in the microwave and mixed together to make a smooth mixture.


I filled my piping bag and added the ganache into the eggs. This was extremely messy! I had ganache all over the kitchen! Martha made it look so easy….she lied!

Hence, there are no photos of the filling process. I then refrigerated them so that the ganache could set.

Then last night, after putting it off for the whole week  I finally topped them up with some melted milk chocolate, using the same melt and pipe technique I have used through out this project.

All that is left now is too crack them open and see what the final result will be…delight or disaster?

Fruitsicles….perfect for hot weather

24 Mar

These week I made some delicious fruitsicles for the Minimen.

  I have been wanting to make home made ice blocks for a while. This week was the perfect opportunity as it has been stupid hot and the supermarket had these super cute ice block molds on sale.


  I asked Mr4 which fruits he would like in the ice blocks and his reply was “strawberries, grapes and orange”

So this is what I used

  • about 6 strawberries cut in half
  • 9 grapes
  • 1 orange
  • apple juice


I used my stick blender to puree the fruit.

First I did the strawberries and I added a small amount of juice, then I did the grapes, to which I also added a little bit of juice. You probably don’t need to add juice but I thought it would make the texture more suitable for ice blocks.

Then I juiced the orange.

When putting the fruit into the molds I tried to layer the fruits, but without freezing in between layers they weren’t very well defined.

I put them in the freezer until frozen. To free them from the mold just run them under warm water.

These were a big hit with both the Minimen. They are so easy to make and such a great alternative to store bought ice blocks which are full of sugar, flavours and colours.


These will definitely be making a reappearance in our house!

Goodbye Summer

1 Mar


Yesterday marked the end of summer here in Australia, so I chose to mark the event by baking some lovely summery watermelon inspired cupcakes. All the recipes I found were American, so either the measurements needed translating eg. a stick of butter? We measure butter in grams so I am  not sure what a stick is or they contain packet mix, which from an earlier post you may remember is against my baking ethics. I did , however, find an interesting way to add flavour and colour to cakes…jelly crystals.

So I turned to baking bible …Women’s Weekly BakeImage

and found a simple butter cake recipe that I intended to add watermelon flavoured jelly crystals to, but watermelon jelly crystals don’t seem to exist in Australia, despite me standing in the jelly section of the supermarket staring at the jelly and willing them to appear, so I used the next best thing…strawberries and cream flavour.

The ingredients for this recipe were;

250g unsalted butter

1 1/4 cups of caster sugar (I only used one though as I added the jelly crystals)

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

2 1/4 cups of self raising flour

3/4 cup of milk


Cream butter, sugar, vanilla and jelly crystals until light and fluffy, beat in eggs, stir in flour and milk. I also added some extra red food colouring to get just the right watermelony pink. I also added some dark choc chips to imitate the seeds. I then put them in regular sized patty papers and baked for 15-20 minutes on 160 degrees celsius (around 350 F I think)

This is how they looked straight out of the oven


Then to complete the watermelon look I topped them with bright green icing made with 125g butter, 2 cups icing sugar a splash of milk and of course lots of green colouring.


They turned out to be a big hit with the fam bam…between hubby and Mr 4 they ate 10 last night while I was at work!

So…watermelon cupcakes, a perfect end to a great Summer!


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